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Pack in the Readers was strategically organized to enhance the event landscape in the Midwest region of the United States.

Recognizing the inconvenience of having to travel to either the East or West Coast for author-related gatherings, B. J. Rysewyk, an esteemed author herself, aspired to provide a comparable experience within proximity to herself. In a region where book signings and literary events are scarce, she perceived this initiative as a prime opportunity to cultivate a passion for literature in her local community.


Green Bay presents a distinct advantage as it serves as a central access point to various regions of the Midwest and Upper Peninsula. Recognizing the myriad attractions such as Lake Michigan, Lambeau Field, the Wisconsin Dells, and numerous other remarkable destinations within the state, B. J. Rysewyk believed that individuals such as readers, authors, influencers, and many others would appreciate the opportunity to immerse themselves in the multitude of entertainment options that Wisconsin has to offer.

Green Board

With the assistance of individuals in the city, B. J. Rysewyk successfully established connections and collaborated with coordinators and owners of local businesses to foster a strong sense of community involvement in this event, aligning it with the essence of the book world.

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